What We Use

We at Berenice fully disclose the origin of our hair products. We believe in a policy of transparency and honesty. All our products have very high quality standards, and so we happily share the information such as the country of origin of our hair.

We source our hair from several different countries. Each product page will have the hair’s country of origin. If multiple hair types are available for the product you selected, you will have the option of selecting your desired hair type.

The majority of our hair products for hair weaves is made of Southeast Asian hair and Bengali hair, sourced from Myanmar and Bengali respectively. Myanmar hair is becoming highly sought-after due to its luxuriously soft feel and its durability. This hair has a silky texture and is stronger compared to cheaper Indian hair, ensuring that your style lasts longer. Bengali hair is superior to even Myanmar hair, and is therefore slightly more expensive. This hair is soft, silky and not prone to breakage. Due to its greater versatility and natural durability, it is the ideal hair for extensions.

Our Russian hair is sourced from our reliable Russian supplier, who ships directly from Russia to the United States. The only thing “Made-in-China” that you will receive when ordering these products is the packaging.

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