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Experience the luxury of the perfect manicure without the damage and commitment of traditional press-ons. Zirconia offers a line of exquisite hand-painted reusable manicures crafted by our gifted artisans to create wearable works of art. that can be applied in minutes and removed in seconds. Receive the same quality and love experienced in a salon in the comfort of your own home by gifting your fingers versatile flare with every wear. Our environmentally friendly products eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, giving you the style you love without the harm. Discover our collection to find the perfect manicure for any event or for everyday wear. You can change your outfit any time. Why not your nails?
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Berenice Business Ethics

Here at Berenice, we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics and integrity. All of our products are made from 100% human hair. The origin of all our products are fully disclosed, unlike many competitors. We refuse to engage in any unethical practices For marketing purposes, or to post misleading information.


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How Much Hair to use

To achieve voluminous and flowing locks, look no further than Berenice's luxury hair extensions to  add length and  volume to

We Love Salons!

Berenice is currently  a salon-exclusive brand, catering only to professionals in the hair industry. Our wide range of products offer

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We at Berenice fully disclose the origin of our hair products. We believe in a policy of transparency and honesty.

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