How Much Hair to use

To achieve voluminous and flowing locks, look no further than Berenice’s luxury hair extensions to  add length and  volume to your look.

Depending on our product series and the desired  look,  please refer to our recommendations below.

Goddess Series  

We recommend using 2 packs of 4cm tapes to add volume to your existing hair length. If both length and  volume  are desired, a minimum of 4 packs of tapes are  recommended. Please note that  you may need more packs of tapes if using our more comfortable and  discrete 2.8 cm tapes and our Micro-Tapes. For more information, please refer to the product info pages regarding your products of interest.

Queen of the  Nile Series

All our hair wefts are sold in bundles of roughly 3.4oz. Because the hair is sold by weight and not by thickness of the bundle, the longer the hair length the fewer strands will be in the weft. This is because the additional length of the hair makes each individual strand heavier, so fewer total strands will be in the bundle compared to bundles of shorter hair.

Depending on the desired length and thickness you would like to achieve, you may need more or less than the numbers recommended below. Less can be used if pairing with a Berenice closure or frontal pieces. Here is a general guideline for extensions without the use of a closure.

8”-14”: 2 bundles or more

16”-20”: 3 bundles or more

22”-26”: 4 bundles or more


Berenice closures and frontals will fill out the top portion of the hairline. With the use of a closure or frontal, fewer hair wefts will be required.

8”-18”: 2 bundles or more

20”-24”: 3 bundles or more

More than 24”: 4 bundles or more

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